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  Founded in 2008, Changzhou Hongsai Refrigeration Equipment Fittings Factory (Changzhou Hongsai Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.) is a research and development company specializing in research and development of air-conditioner connecting pipe, drying filter, copper and aluminum welding (refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, Manufacture, sale, installation and after-sales service in one of the major modern refrigeration parts business. The company specializes in manufacturing resistance welding machine, automatic cutting machine, air conditioning connection pipe, drying filters, plastic pipe, refrigerator coils, evaporators and reservoirs and other products. Company's equipment and products sold at home and abroad, our customers receive the praise.

  China Red handsome: a good product, the heart of choice. Company service concept: product intentions, caring service, buy rest assured, user peace of mind. Company uphold the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development," the goal of providing customers with high quality, high price products to meet customer needs is our eternal pursuit. The company is located in.


上海 徐州 宿迁 苏州 盐城 台州 句容 金华 张家港 扬州